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 What We Do?

Our events are designed to suit all activity levels and many interests, and we pay attention to the cost of events so that there is a range.   

Games nights and other card evenings are only $3-$5 including the snacks served.  

Formal events such as our Holiday Formal Gala may be around $50-$60 per person.   

Most things are somewhere in between. Restaurants are chosen with a variety of price points and you can check the menu in advance.    

Who are the members?

Our members come from all walks of life. Many are retired, some still fully employed and others occupied with so many things.  They make up a rich tapestry of friends who have so much to contribute and become in many cases, family.   We range from 50 and on up to “vintage” members who inspire us every day. It’s a ready group to do things with, including the events planned by the executive, but also events or trips you would like to propose.  

You need to know that our club endeavors to be inclusive, and we aim to be respectful and congenial to all members. We have a Constitution and Bylaws we follow that give structure to the organization, and a Code of Conduct for members with the intent to ensure each member feels at home.

What else do I need to know?

Other than having a good time, what else?

We are a member run club and someone has to make this happen .. we elect an executive committee each year to guide the process, but we expect after you have become comfortable within the club that you will find ways to contribute. There are numerous opportunities to help out including such things as set up or take down at a house party, shop, bake etc. ... maybe become contact person for a pub night or dinner-of-the-month... the easy stuff. You  may have skills you want to share and we are eager to see what you have to offer. As you become more involved, you may choose to become an executive member. If you initiate something, there are always others willing to help to make it happen!  

Most events take place within York Region and are usually accessible to the majority of potential attendees.  

When an event is planned and a member signs up, they will receive an email notifying them of the event details, the location and who else has signed up.  This will give you the opportunity to carpool with others in your area and share the cost of fuel.

If you have new ideas... we are the place to voice them!  We are listening!

Enjoy... having you a part of our club will enrich the lives of other members and they will surely do the same for you!


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